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Lovable pizza. They are very nice, and the pizzas are fresh and deliciousThey add extra basil with no extra charge, big green light for me! The combos are amazing, great deals! One of the best pizzas in the CBD
Carol Daniela Alonso Gonzalez
09:37 21 Jan 22
Excellent pizza and fast delivery. Always order from the store, much quicker than any delivery app, and arrives hot!
Kate Louise Macfarlane
06:45 17 Jan 22
Very tasty pizza
Sonia Garcia
13:18 03 Jan 22
Andrea Duran
12:19 03 Jan 22
Loved our meal! Pizza’s was delicious and so so well priced! Would always return when in Melbourne! Service was excellent!
Conrie Hamilton
21:21 29 Dec 21
Great pizza and focaccia!
Ramon Sá
21:56 28 Dec 21
The best pizza I have had. We had the zucca andSpecial 11inch. So fresh and tasty with a perfect base. Cant wait to try the pastas. Great service. Reasonable price. Hidden gem we found during our Melbourne stay and we will be back each visit! 🙌🏼🤤
10:09 28 Dec 21
Very tasty pizza and a very good delivery time also. Highly reccommend.
Steven Lowe
08:09 28 Dec 21
So good, I really recommend this place..tThe BBQ Chook is my favourite. Great staff and good service.
11:10 27 Dec 21
Wow…… flavour overload…. Service from Maria was on song as well. Pizza, salad and the outdoor environment was perfect for the small group of friends I was with.We could people watch and enjoy our meal.Highly recommend.
Deniz Yusuf
10:35 24 Dec 21
Best pizza i had in my life. BBQ chiggen pizza on point, i recommend to all my fellow travellers to try this pizza
Richard Zhang
14:58 23 Dec 21
SO GOOD. The Special Salad here is really great too. Huge portion. You can add chicken (or ham or whatever) for $2-4. Amazing service too, really great staff.
Anndy Edwards
03:20 22 Dec 21
Great hospitality and their pizzas made my heart smile💕Food that brings people and heart together!! Love your work!!
02:01 21 Dec 21
Delicious pizza 🍕🤤. I tried special #3, tasty, good flavours and yummy. Friendly services, great music playlist🎶 and a very comfy place👌🏻. If you’re craving go now😉.
Zuri Molina
04:39 16 Dec 21
Great vegan pizza
Roxanne Russell
10:19 11 Dec 21
This place was amazing. Immaculate modern vibes. Nice cozy seating, beautiful overall aesthetic.It also has a multitude of vegan options and the food did not disappoint.
Raphael Hanna
10:35 08 Dec 21
Lovely place.Delicious pizza with the great pizza base sauce.Friendly staff.
Babak Heidarirad
11:47 24 Nov 21
Great vegan pizza! Friendly service! Cosy atmosphere even when seated outside. Will go again!
Elektra Orfanos
07:14 20 Nov 21
Good prawn pizza
Louis Tran
07:03 16 Nov 21
The best pizza to try in Melbourne
Czarina Galvez
05:13 15 Nov 21
My partner and I have found our newest go to place for delicious and hearty pizza + pasta. Will be back for more again and again.
Brian Mok
12:11 14 Nov 21
Don’t forget the garlic focaccia with your pizza!!!
Pratima Thapa
11:01 14 Nov 21
Pretty good for your bucks
Ben Edwards
13:32 07 Nov 21
Loved the BBQ chook. Def gonna come back!
11:31 31 Oct 21
Amazing pizza and they have lactose free cheese for no additional cost.Order delivery from their website rather than using a delivery ap
Alice Williams
03:10 07 Oct 21
I have only ever bought the prawn gambaro pizza and garlic foccacia. My friend says the pizza is “wicked” and it is. Best pizza and garlic bread ever,,!!
02:38 25 Sep 21
What an oasis in a deserted city.I was so happy to find your restaurant.The service was so friendly and welcoming it put a smile on my face.The Sasiccia pizza was spot on. I will be back for more.Thanks for being open in these trying times.It takes businesses like yours to keep the Melbourne we love going.Caio.
Glenn Thomas
00:59 21 Sep 21
One of the best pizzas
Roy Tomas
11:21 14 Sep 21
The most delicious pizza I’ve eaten in Melbourne. I recommend these guys to all my friends. Amazing customer service & delivery! Thanks guys
Sonja Maria Sujecki
11:59 05 Sep 21
Superb tasting pizzas! 😍😊Salami pizza & capriciossa pizza.. both were very fresh, delicious & juicy! They were not really oily as the pizza boxes were dry.. I usually eat and then review, but I could not wait in this case.. I just had to express that immediate satisfaction I felt. While being aware that everyone has their own ideas & preferences I can only suggest for anyone to try out their menu at least once.. 🙂 I will order again soon!
Jimmy K
07:06 04 Sep 21
The pizzas are amazing! The food matches the service! Would recommend and definitely a new regular!
Peter Nguyen
13:21 03 Sep 21
As promised, we were back today for another order of delicious and hot pizza. Again good customer service from 11 Inch Pizza and the two delivery drivers. We had a new bunch of staff in the office and they thoroughly enjoyed again – we will be back!!! Keep up the good pizza cooking!!
Karen Anthony
02:57 27 Aug 21
Salad and the DIY pasta are so yummy, highly recommended
Natalie Tran
10:44 11 Aug 21
Amazing food, great service. Does not disappoint.
22:32 31 Jul 21
Ordered here a few times for my partner.during a 2 week quarantineFirst, the online ordering system they have is first class…easiest purchase I have ever made onlineMy partner and son rated it the best pizza they have ever eaten…I trust their judgement!Best wishes to Melbourne and any small business during these tough times
Damyon Wolfe
02:35 20 Jul 21
The Best pizza ever
David Gonzalez
14:03 15 Jul 21
Great pizza, great service. Very cool little shop. Highly recommend
Travis Bawden
03:16 14 Jul 21
Love ❤️ the pizza.
Donna Li
09:28 10 Jul 21
Seriously one of the best pizzas I have had in my life and I have travelled 14 countries.
Brendan O’Keefe
10:40 03 Jul 21
For the price and the free delivery in the CBD online, it’s hard to go past 11 inch. I love the prawn pizza!
Pat Mcdonald
10:41 29 Jun 21
When meatlovers rave about how good a vegan pizza is, and how surprisingly good the vegan cheese is, you know you’re onto a winner.The last was extremely helpful and thorough when I ordered over the phone to check that any food allergies or intolerances were covered off.Pricier end but worth it.
Pauline V
00:09 21 Jun 21
Omggggggggg❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this pizza is literally the best pizza place in the city 💓Best hidden pizza spot.💓
06:21 18 Jun 21
لذيذ وسريع الخدمة
Hassan Al-Huwaymil
22:07 16 Jun 21
Good pizza
Luke Freeman
03:23 13 Jun 21
Fast service for takeaway. Their vegetarian pumpkin pizza (I think called Zucco?) was the most delicious pizza I’ve had in ages!
Meg P
10:23 04 Jun 21
The best pizza in town!!!
Payal Shinde
10:26 31 May 21
Go check out 11 Inch Pizza get an affordable and good quality pizza! 🍕Their pizza base has a nice crunchy yet also doughy consistency, similar to how a brick oven pizza is. The pizza also has a generous amount of toppings and great flavors too 😍My favorite pizza is the BBQ Chook, with chicken, mozzarella, mushrooms, red onions, provolone and BBQ sauce 🍕 This delicious pizza only costs $19!If you order them from Ubereats, you can get some Value Deals which consists of pizza(s), garlic focaccia and 1.25L coke 💰‼️ I think it’s even cheaper to buy from their own website too!
Foodie Queen21
12:24 21 May 21
I got pizza here last week. But on the way to my hotel I dropped the full pizza over the floor. I went back to buy a new one and the man give me another for free. The 2nd pizza I managed to eat was really really really. Super nice. 5*
Conor M
06:58 20 May 21
Delicious pizza, clean place, great service! Truly impressed 👌
Veronika Vorontsova
08:26 18 May 21
Great pizza! Excellent service. Hot collocate pizza is a must try
prashant sagar
23:39 15 May 21
Delicious and well prized. Kids loved it too
Lauren Hart
07:39 15 May 21
One of my favourite pizza place in Melbourne , trust me it worth going there and eating , it’s nice, cosy and cheap , the owner is super friendly , the store is always clean and tidyIf Google let me place 10 ⭐s I will put themOpen in Sydney if you can 🙏 ✌️
Michael F
01:45 14 May 21
This place is awesome. Quick service, great pizza, low fuss and relaxed. Surprisingly good gluten free crust. Very, very yummy pizza.
00:53 11 May 21
Fantastic pizza on a quieter laneway. Great prices as well
P Seid
04:56 02 May 21
Absolutely awesome pizza. Took my wife and children. We all loved it.
Bradley O’Neill
04:28 28 Apr 21
Fantastic pizza and very accommodating staff (tables appeared out of nowhere!) Glad we happened to walk past one evening, will definitely be back.
Paolo Tarray
13:08 27 Apr 21
One of my favourite pizzas in Melbourne, very efficient delivery service
Rolando Cisneros
14:17 26 Apr 21
One of the best pizza places in the city…
Alejandro Gil
09:04 22 Apr 21

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