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Took friends of mine for their well known pizzas, really impressed by the roquette and cabbage salads. We loved the whole dinner.
Ashley Padua
08:53 14 Apr 24
Top notch service, some of the best pizza I’ve eaten and a great atmosphere!
Matt Connor
01:29 13 Apr 24
The pizza was delightful!
Gabriel T
08:56 07 Apr 24
Nice pizzas yum
Mark Macri
06:32 07 Apr 24
Freundliches, speditives und aufmerksames Personal. Eine der leckersten Pizzas meines Lebens genossen! Besonders spezielle vegetarische Auswahl.
Jas Min
18:23 06 Apr 24
Great little hidden gem for awesome pizza, we’ve never dined here because it’s always so busy! So definitely recommend booking a table. Cool music, cool staff
Deanna Ward
08:29 05 Apr 24
Went here last night with my partner for a nice dinner, the vibe is so cool inside. The food and service was amazing – in particular the girl with a pixie hair cut who served us was just so lovely!!! 5 stars, we will be back x
Peyton Trapezanidis
03:19 05 Apr 24
nice chocolates
Sebastien Field
09:35 31 Mar 24
They have good vegetarian pizzas. Pizzas were fast.
Veekee C.
02:51 31 Mar 24
Whilst visiting Melbourne I ordered some pizza for delivery. Delivered pizza can never be as good as that eaten in a restaurant, but this was so damn close it’s scary. Really good food. Want more!
Matt Edwards
09:30 30 Mar 24
11 inch pizzas with yards of taste and a ton of friendly, great service.Cool atmosphere too.Patata with added chicken….delicious.
Andrew H
04:14 30 Mar 24
best pizza of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!
Vy Nguyen
05:52 29 Mar 24
Good pizza. There is limited seating inside, groups may need to be split up between separate tables.
Joshua Sing
00:04 28 Mar 24
Amazing. I strongly recommend the chocolate pizza!
Felipe Brito
06:14 25 Mar 24
🇧🇷Uma das pizzas mais gostosa que comi na vida! Prove a pizza doce de chocolate com pistache! PERFEITA!
Bárbara Lins
06:12 25 Mar 24
Really good food, nice staff
Elly Trygg
09:23 22 Mar 24
Served by an angel 🌟 most delicious, delectable, delightful pizza served in Melbourne. Can’t wait to come back and try something else.
Lucielle Howl
02:17 21 Mar 24
Loved this place. Very good pizzas and decor. Especially loved the service from the lovely staff.
Venus of the Birdcage
08:08 18 Mar 24
Great pizzas, service is great, very quick, very handy to hotel in the same lane, very friendly syaff
Alison Casson
08:05 18 Mar 24
Food is good! Everyone was so nice !
Linh Nguyen
06:31 17 Mar 24
Good quality pizza. The BBQ CHOOK It’s very good
Cesar Rivera
22:34 12 Mar 24
Was the best pizza we have had and certainly great service tonight, it was cooked just right and fresh ingredients, The wait was short and thankyou guys for a great food experience.Graham and Mary from Queensland
Graham Bryant
10:42 03 Mar 24
Extremely fast service, pizzas made fresh. All the staff are extremely friendly and presentable while maintaining a chill atmosphere. Pizza is really yummy, the crust is a balance between salty and sweet.
17:00 01 Mar 24
Solid pizzas, friendly staff and located on a cute Melbourne laneway. A regular go to!
Chloe Vuong
00:19 01 Mar 24
Unassuming but slickly run restaurant. The pizza and pasta were top notch and the service was great, a nice find. To be repeated.
Paul W
11:29 27 Feb 24
Staying at a nearby hotel, we felt like we’d give it a shot and bring it back to the room while we watched some Netflix after a busy day. So good, we walked back for seconds.
Talen Herzig
08:15 27 Feb 24
Service with a smile. Best pizza we have had in years. Fresh ingredients & excellent flavours. Nice Shiraz.
grissel pye
07:12 27 Feb 24
Great pizza!
00:03 25 Feb 24
Lovely little pizza place. Food was prepared fresh and fast.Staff very friendly
Wendy Greenslade
10:07 23 Feb 24
Nice spot, great for a quick dinner. Friendly staff, good buzz
Craig Bunt
19:28 19 Feb 24
Brilliant patata pizza, with chicken and blue cheese, very very tasty. The calzone was huge and the fillings were fresh and delicious. Top notch.
09:59 17 Feb 24
We had the Patata pizza without Gorgonzola and it was absolutely delicious. The wine was good, the atmosphere, but the food was 10/10 and would come back again.
Lily Skilton
09:47 17 Feb 24
OMG! BEST PIZZA IN MELBOURNE!The staff are really friendly and always getting new water! Very clean and cool!If you want PIZZA come here!!!
Kristopher Stephens
08:38 17 Feb 24
The full eleven inch experience! You’ll be satisfied!
clancy lawler
07:58 17 Feb 24
Ebony, our wait staff, was so lovely and helpful. The pizzas here are so good. Will come again.
Tirrell Slaney
07:55 17 Feb 24
Fantastic pizza and great service
Fynn Wilson
10:09 16 Feb 24
Great friendly service
Lucas Allen
10:05 16 Feb 24
Phenomenal service, fresh food, great atmosphere. Truly a great experience.
Primal Infinity
02:45 16 Feb 24
Great pizza and nice environment
María Alejandra Barreto Ortiz
08:58 15 Feb 24
Beautiful Pizzas!!!! Fresh ingredients and delicious bases. 5 of us polished off all three pizzas even though we were all full…..just couldn’t stop 😅
Scott Anderson (Aguyandhis4girls)
21:14 09 Feb 24
Absolutely delicious. Fast and friendly delivery!
Amy W
06:35 09 Feb 24
Pollo pizza/pasta has always been my favorite meal here, friendly service!
Yosevine Ari
09:22 08 Feb 24
Wow the best gluten free pizza I’ve ever eaten! I highly recommend this place. The taste was fantastic and service was quick by friendly people.
08:57 06 Feb 24
Best pasta maybe ever??? I had the Porchetta pasta with creamy sauce and no truffle oil (personal preference) and I was literally blown away. Also a huge serving size which I appreciated because it was SO GOOD. I’m just visiting Melbourne and I think this will be the meal that I will think back on often. Servers were also lovely 🙂
08:38 28 Jan 24
Located in a lane with plentiful coffee and food options, this place has really delicious pizza and salads and an excellent selection of drinks. Quite quick service too.
Adam Spence
11:03 26 Jan 24
Late night pizza pick up. Awesome pizza and they took the order after closing. Thanks legends.
John Cormack
04:31 26 Jan 24
Loved the vegetarian pizzas. First rate pizza hiding in a back alley off Little Collins Street.
Odin Dunne
01:11 26 Jan 24
I lunched here while on a visit to Melbourne in January 2024. I ordered their “Veg GD” veggie pizza with an extra topping of jalapeño. The crust was one of the best that I’ve tasted, with just the right amount of baking and good quality dough. The toppings were fresh and tasty too. And the pizza paired nicely with a bottle of Stella Artois beer. But don’t come here for the ambience – it has an unremarkable front in a small restaurant alley off Collins, with a few tables thrown around. Do come, though, if you have a craving for good pizza and a hearty appetite (like me) and you wont be disappointed. I gave it a 5 for the food and service because the ambience didn’t matter to me at all.
Murty Challa
04:05 24 Jan 24
Had my birthday there with friends, really nice place and yummy pizza!! Shout out to Elyas who’s working there and was so kind to us and helpful! Definitely recommend this place
Mohammad Enjavi Amiri
06:41 23 Jan 24
Great pizza had garlic focaccia,bbq chicken, bbq meat lovers and rocket salad. Small restaurant down an alleyway with big food and even bigger smiles when you finish.
Bazza Worth
08:41 21 Jan 24
Tasty Pizza. Love the thin crust base with first class ingredients makes this place a do not miss opportunity to taste one of the best Pizzas in Mrlbourne.
Michael Hrvatin
07:36 21 Jan 24
Gregory C
10:24 18 Jan 24
Top notch Pizza
Danny Eldridge
01:30 17 Jan 24
Superb food, great atmosphere… attentive staff. Amazing place.
12:23 16 Jan 24
Sehr unscheinbar in einer kleinen Nebenstraße.Unglaublich leckeres Essen und nicht der „Einheitsbrei“ wie bei anderen Italienern.Uneingeschränkt empfehlenswert!
09:47 16 Jan 24
I adore this place! I only wish it was a little bit further away from my office, so I’d be less inclined to eat here so often. 😜
Lance Thornswood
07:35 15 Jan 24
Went here because of a recommendation and it did not disappoint! All of our food tasted amazing. Especially loved the Garlic cheese bread and BBQ Chicken pizza. Will be back next time we come to Melbourne!
Rebecca K
22:31 14 Jan 24
My favourite pizza place!
Christine Loftus
08:11 14 Jan 24
Every once in a while I get one of those “we miss you — come back for 15% off” messages from 11 Inch and I always laugh! I order from this place a minimum of twice a week and it’d probably be 5 times a week if my partner would let me! This is easily the best pizza I have EVER had. Ingredients are fresh and real, flavour combos are top notch, salads and pastas are amazing. And the staff are just lovely. I cannnot say enough good things about this joint. Do yourself a favour!
Chris Bonney
23:18 12 Jan 24
Delicious, great service ane clean! 👌🏼
Rozan S
07:11 12 Jan 24
Very good authentic pizza place. We went twice in a row and tried 4 different pizzas … They were all sooo good!
09:08 10 Jan 24
Great staff
akil omari
08:58 10 Jan 24
Great pizza! Creative recipes and light dough! We are definitely coming back💖
Andrea Arce
09:44 08 Jan 24
The food, team, and overall experience is fantastic every time. I’ve been ordering from here and eating in with friends for years. They only keep getting better. If you’re looking for quality ingredients and a simple yet elegant menu then 11 inch will delight.
Ren Butler
02:30 05 Jan 24
Excellent vibe! Very friendly staff, very accommodating.
Elyse Davidson
09:00 04 Jan 24
On travel from Adealide and needed a place to eat for our craving of garlic bread. The garlic and cheese focaccia was absolutely amazing. Also had a margherita pizza, which was beautiful, but adding cherry tomatoes is a must cause that just made it even better. Very friendly staff and located in a very nice alley way.
Shaun Reed
08:39 03 Jan 24

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