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Pre ordered, picked up. Delicious pizza. Kinda wish I had time to dine in because it looked great. Super cute little lane way joint.
Mark Baker
02:56 01 Mar 21
Our new favourite pizza. Just moving into the city it was important to find our “go to” for pizza and we’ve certainly done that. Even the ten year old loved it. Fast delivery and so good.
One girl and a Pointer
08:21 24 Feb 21
Taste good, small cozy place with friendly staff. Ordered the porchetta and it’s worth every penny.
Jonathan Christian
02:13 24 Feb 21
Absolutely delicious!!Fresh, so tasty and not greasy (I hate greasy pizza).Looking forward to trying other flavours.Definitely my new go to pizza place
Parri Wieckmann
07:22 23 Feb 21
Amazing pizza!!! Was UberEats ordering 10 times in my three week stay in Melbourne! Very delicious, very good quality! Highly recommend
Marta Mrozińska
06:04 23 Feb 21
Great pizza selection, they’re yum AND they allow BYOW! 😊 Recommend
Alison Sumpton
07:01 22 Feb 21
I always have a pizza here when I’m staying overnight in Melbourne CBD
Phil Klein
01:24 22 Feb 21
Good food.Good service.Decent atmosphere.Price is mid to high tier.*10/10 recommend to visit if you have been drinking.
14:48 13 Feb 21
The best pizza in Melbourne CBD…. I love it…🥰🥰🥰🥰
Javier Elberg
04:05 09 Feb 21
AokWill be back !We went on a Monday night, Nick on the phone said he was cool for vegan options – so that got us inWe weren’t disappointed ,The bases are goodvegan garlic pizza to startThen Hugo got a vegan Margarita,the vegan cheeses they use are excellentI got a special with spicy sausage etc ,, not too busy but great flavourThe drinks are nice and cold too
Alex Hay
09:12 08 Feb 21
Best pizza place in the city!! I recommend the BBQ Chook…🤤🤤🤤
20:06 07 Feb 21
The. Best. Pizza. In. Melbourne! This is our Friday night special and has been for a few years now. The pizzas are just the right size (11 inches no less ;-0) and perfectly prepared by Elliot and the team. Nicely tucked away in Equitable Place, which is a great spot to sit and eat.
Ken Siegers
03:59 06 Feb 21
Tucked away down a small alleyway, 11 Inch Pizza is unassuming on the outside, but inside lies the most delicious pizza. And for those like me who can’t decide between all the delicious sounding toppings, you can go half and half. I went for the Salsiccia and the Ricotta, and was very pleased with my choices. The pizzas are a generous size, with a lovely crispy base, and then there’s the toppings… The balance of flavours on both options were perfect, and rank in my top 5 pizzas ever. The staff are lovely, and service is quick. Do yourself a favour and go get a pizza.
Murry Strickland
18:16 02 Feb 21
Save yourself the pain of dealing with those annoying delivery “partners” by ordering direct from 11 inch pizza. They deliver to CBD and surrounds. They have tracking as well, which is a huge plus. The pizzas came promptly always (I have ordered direct three times and order w delivery “partner” twice) and any notes from my order (no pineapple etc) are made to my preference.The pizza, when ordered directly from them comes pipping hot. I seriously saw a gust of smoke coming out of the guy’s bike cos it’s so fresh out of the oven, whereas if you use the delivery partners, their insulted bags sucks.The pizzas are always amazing, you can customize your ingredients when you order from their site, their crust is just the right thickness and the ingredients are so tasty. Huge thumbs up to them
Piggy Eatalot
09:41 29 Jan 21
Got recommended to this little restaurant. And wow, the best pizza I’ve ever had, and close to the best pasta, and best of all at realistic and fantastic prices. The staff were also very friendly and upbeat.
Justin Alexander
11:47 27 Jan 21
Best pizza I’ve had in Melbourne, and great service too! We’ll be back!!
00:44 26 Jan 21
so great! Delicious!!!!! Leave room for the chocolate pizza!!!
Jess New
06:47 25 Jan 21
One of the best pizzas I’ve had. Highly recommend trying this place out.
Nait Nachar
05:48 25 Jan 21
$15 lunch deal (11:30 – 3:00pm) was a pleasant surprise. Excellent pizza, great base and tasty toppings 👌
Samuel Williamson
04:13 25 Jan 21
Best pizza I’ve had in Melbourne! Yet to be beat!!! Absolutely delicious. Dine in service is great and staff are super friendly.
Valerie Catherine
08:15 19 Jan 21
food is great for family enjoyment fantastic place .Highly recommended!
Caitlin Furphy
05:05 12 Jan 21
Never disappoints
Shahbaz Ahmed
12:10 09 Jan 21
I love 11 inch pizza!Every pizza and focaccia I’ve had has been delicious, their value deals are really great and I love that they have their own delivery drivers who every time so far have been earlier than the eta!My best find since moving to the CBD
Humlae Y
10:58 09 Jan 21
The staff are friendly, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the food was delicious. Could not recommend enough!!
Fletcher Sheeran
10:19 08 Jan 21
Toppings are fresh and pizza base has the perfect thickness, crispiness and bite. Great pizza! Great staff! Great vibe! Would definitely recommend! 🙂
Mike Warner
08:38 08 Jan 21
Damn good Pizza and Pasta!!! Friendly, lovely, tasty nothing goes wrong 😋 highly recommended!! I will visit again today ! See you guys real soon 🙂
Taek Han Yoon
22:38 06 Jan 21
Best pizza and pasta in town and lovely people serving it up. Pollo cream chicken pasta is to die for.
Brandon Jo
22:31 06 Jan 21
Amazing pizza, great service
farnam ff
10:46 06 Jan 21
Ordered bbq chicken gluten free and vegan cheese. Delicious. Staff very friendly. Will definitely come back.
07:51 30 Dec 20
Beautiful pizzas! Warm and cosy space with probably the BEST staff I’ve encountered in the CBD. We accidentally broke a glass and there was nary a grumble while the kind waitress took care of the shards and declined our offer to help.We tried a half and half – the patata and the ricotta and were not disappointed one bit. The combinations were well put together and my partner who is not a big fan of pizza mentioned the crust and taste was on par with her memories of eating pizza in Italy.Thank you @11 Inch Pizza! We will be sure to drop in the next time we’re around!
Ananth Muralidaren
07:32 25 Dec 20
food are great and staff are very friendly. Love it.
Ben Birchell
05:59 18 Dec 20
The pizzas are good!
Ivan Neeson
08:00 16 Dec 20
Loved the pizza, will definitely be going back!
Reno Fiteni
06:33 13 Dec 20
The thick pizza, probably a deep dish, was perfect for takeaway as it reheated well in my oven. The flavours remained fresh and high quality unlike the other small scale pizzerias in town.
Amelie Decker
10:46 03 Dec 20
Very Good Pizza and friendly Staff.
Chris Sabau
23:09 29 Nov 20
The best pizza I’ve had in Melb! ♥️ I have always visited with a new set of friends whenever. Probably like some small scale brand ambassador of 11′ 😜..much thanks for the amazing pizzas you make🤗
Payal Menghani
09:46 26 Nov 20
The pizza is lovely here! The workers are nice and friendly. Everytime we order from here, the pizza is delicious, it always meets our standards. I definitely recommend going to this place!
victoria tran
08:50 19 Nov 20
Best patata pizza! Now our go-to pizza place.
Kim Batto
06:42 10 Nov 20
Good cheesy pizza (with vegan and lactose free options!!!), not thick doughy pizza but not thin like a cracker, perfect balance in between. Quality ingredients that taste fantastic (without breaking the bank)! Delivery is outstanding and quick
Nellie Malseed
10:05 08 Nov 20
Hidden chem!This small restaurant located in a alley is amazing. Their pizza is really good, thing and crispy with so much taste! Their pricing is really good and the vibe is so cool
Travis Caine
04:28 29 Oct 20
One of the nicer pizza places I’ve tried so far. Definitely in my list of top 3!!! And LOVEEE the interactive boxes they come in with the #pizzabib. So fun!!! I had the value meal #2 which came with 2 pizzas, garlic focaccia and coke. The focaccia was out of this world. Just couldn’t stop eating the whole time! For the pizzas I had the Super 11 and the Salsiccia. Absolutely worth the money!
ar Narayan
22:30 16 Oct 20
Tasty, fresh and the right kind of doughy pizza. Good value and quickly prepared. Good work and I will return when I’m tasting that kind of pizza plus they have calzones!
Danial Evans
11:17 16 Oct 20
Best Pizza 🍕 in Melbourne & Australia!
Karolina Spezial K Remboska
08:14 30 Sep 20
When I want eat pizza, order it from there. I think this shop is the best pizza shop in CBD. my favorite Melanzane and Ricotto pizzas. 🙂
skysky wetter
16:01 21 Sep 20
As a local I really appreciate the quality of the food. The best pizza in the CBD.
Craig Fisher
08:53 19 Sep 20
Really varied menu, and good service. Tasty pizza with thin crust and good toppings. Good price for product.
Karen González
12:30 11 Sep 20
11 Inch Pizza has become one of my absolute go to pizza places to eat from during lockdown. It is THE perfect comfort food, and tastes amazing. Even if you are not vegan, give their vegan cheese a try, it is amazing! Love the option of adding many different things to my pizza. Will always order from them again and again!
Nicole Yap
09:30 24 Aug 20
The pizza was amazing, thank u for ur service to the community for doing late night drop offs…
George Fotopoulos
11:30 23 Aug 20
The guys at 11 inch are always there for me. Their ingredients are superb. Their service is always friendly and fast. If you’re looking for a tasty, good-value pizza on a night out with friends or family, you should try this place. You’ll likely be back. I highly recommended this place.
Nina Sargent
16:36 22 Aug 20
patata is amazing, and gambero as well
Simiao Xing
13:16 11 Aug 20
The best pizza; tasty, good size, still hot on delivery. Really awesome to have you open during challenging times. Thank you!
Daniel Brace
08:52 04 Aug 20
My boyfriend and I would get pizza delivery every week here during covid, it was our go to and we absolutely loved it. Staff were always nice and friendly and pizza was DELICIOUS. We had to leave Melbourne and every week we are so SAD we can’t come and get 11 inch, 😭😭 seriously some of the most yummy pizza I’ve had, the garlic focassia is absolutely YUMM. 👌🏼
Ayeisha Sheldon
13:12 31 Jul 20
Best pizza in the city. 11 Inch has become my go-to delivery pizza store – great value!
Jess J
08:41 29 Jul 20
Ottimo cibo le pizze sono fantastiche il personale molto cordiale veramente un bel locale…….consigliato 😊😊😊
Luca Suppressa
01:18 16 Jul 20
It’s hard to believe that this alleyway pizza place makes some of the best pizza in Melbourne. Great quality ingredients in the perfect proportions every single time, perfect dough and an amazing team behind it all. 6/5 must try
Albert Utset
07:31 15 Jul 20
Elizabeth Deng
15:09 03 Jul 20
Best pizzas in CBD
04:28 16 Jun 20
In the present state of emergency its nice to go back to familiar surroundings or in this case delivered delicious pizza, every order is the same, bbq chook and garlic pizza, enough for two with nibbles the next day! Best Pizza in Melbourne… Easy!!!
Tom Williams
11:29 23 May 20
The smell carrying this pizza home drove me insane and the flavour didn’t disappoint! Eat it fresh and hot for maximum pleasure
Lola Aurelia
11:12 22 May 20
such good pizzas !! absolutely amazing, was my first time ordering but definitely not my last and i highly recommend everything was just perfect 🙂
Nicole Murovanchik
12:19 14 May 20
Would definitely recommend it. Very good food at a good price. Cheeses tastes like real cheese !
07:25 06 Apr 20
11 Inch pizzas are very consistent. Considering the price, the quality of the ingredients is good. Their menu is great. I love the potato pizza, also the bbq chicken. Their pizzas are fresh and tasty, they are quick and always pay attention to order instructions. They are my number 1 regular pizza place for home delivery. I have never been disappointed by their pizzas. 👌🏻
Camilla B
13:53 03 Apr 20
Had an awesome pizza here with a mate pre seeing a band in the city! Pizzas and atmosphere were amazing! Really really good! Service was fantastic too so friendly and helpful. Only thing that could have improved it was would have loved to have a nice wine glass as opposed to cafe style glasses. Even with my big nose I struggle to get a good sniff of the wine in a regular glass. Highly recommended! Do go!
darnell mcmillan
06:54 24 Mar 20
Delicious.. one of the most yummy pizza places in Melbourne
Mujahed Shugdar
03:14 17 Mar 20
Awesome pizzas, good bases. Had the zucca and patata both unique great flavour. Great service.
Leonardo Maletta
06:56 12 Mar 20
Amazing pizza at a cute cozy place
Shen Ya Ping
12:26 07 Mar 20
So delicious!
AK Dellios
20:51 26 Feb 20
Delicious pizza. Reasonable price. Fast service. Their chicken pollo pizza is amazing. If you like a white pizza, try the potato pizza … It’s so good with the cheese blends. THE CHOCOLATE pizza is THE BEST. Perfectly balanced, not too sweet, rich and flavourful. Try this place out.
Tiff C
15:50 25 Feb 20
BBQ chook is the best pizza ever
sasidher reddy
10:11 21 Feb 20
Delicious pizza (take the half and half option for $3 more so that you get to taste even more of their fabulous flavour combinations) Lovely staff, clean and bright setting, just remember to reserve a table as it’s small and very popular!
Rebecca Whitwick
22:40 20 Feb 20
A nice place to have good pizza. Good variety and selection. The place is located in a small by street, but the food quality is worth the find. The staff members are friendly and helpful..Will visit the place again
Gavi Munasinghe
04:42 20 Feb 20
Happy to be challenged otherwise but this is hand crafted pizza heaven! Salami with extra chilli is the go to.
Stuart Taylor
09:30 19 Feb 20
Some of the best pizza I’ve had in Melbourne, wish I had a picture to show but trust me it’s 10 our of 10.
Peter Rodgers
21:50 18 Feb 20
Delicious pizza and really friendly staff, even though we got there 20 minutes before closing. Highly recommend, will be back!!!!
Aimee Trayer
11:08 16 Feb 20
Best pizza in Melbourne so far…
r sold
05:31 11 Feb 20
Good pizza friendly staff, will be back
Wayne Burhop
09:26 04 Feb 20
Melbourne has some amazing places for food. This palce is up there with the best. Their pizza is simply delicious. Very nice recipes in a very cute and cosy environment located in a narrow street in Melbourne. Tottaly recommend
EventArious cy
07:53 03 Feb 20
파스타 피자 둘다 너무너무 맛있었습니다:)피자는 치즈랑 도우가 너무 맛있었고 파스타는 제 인생 파스타 입니다. 멜번 오시면 꼭 드시고 가세요!! 강추!!
05:36 23 Jan 20
Very good pizza-crust is not to thin or thick and the cheese was really good.
Scott Spencer
05:20 22 Jan 20
Amazing pizza in Mel CBD.
Alex Chang
08:05 20 Jan 20
Good service, delicious pizza with reasonable price. A relatively small restaurant but takeaway is popular option.
Tony Ooi Kheng Ling
05:53 14 Jan 20
Discovered this gem whilst on holiday and visited twice in a week 😍 lovely staff and generous tasty pizza. Best I’ve ever eaten.
07:22 09 Jan 20
Without a doubt the best pizza joint in Melbourne and possibly even the nation. We went for a try months ago and I’ve become obsessed ever since. The margarita is out of this world. Please don’t change a thing. One world perfect.
Gedeon Penya
03:11 09 Jan 20
Amazing pizza
Tyler Marshall
00:16 06 Jan 20
10:53 03 Jan 20
Beautiful taste salami pizza for $19 ish
Gary Wicks
03:54 31 Dec 19
This is a tiny place just round the corner from Little Collins down a lane. Fab choices of pizza and very tasty they were. Very busy with both locals and tourists – would recommend.
Nathan Urbano
05:36 27 Dec 19
The staff were all very friendly and the food was really goodc (we went with the hand crafted pizzas).They have a range of half a dozen bottled beers at reasonable prices for the CBD (Peroni $6.50).It did get busy after we arrived so booking ahead is reccomended.Would definitely revisit.
Lillian Brill
06:35 20 Dec 19
Cool small pizzerias with very good pizzas. We tried both the margarita one and the eggplant one. Both delicious. Loved it.
Nathan Kelly
02:05 15 Dec 19
멜버른에서 제일 맛있게 먹은곳 숙소랑 거리가 있는데도 두번 갔어요. 피자도 맛있지만 여기 파스타 전부 정말 맛있어요.
13:39 10 Dec 19
A place to go when in Melbourne!
John Smith
11:52 06 Dec 19
Delicious pizza, we could not get a table so just got takeaway and were very happy with the pizza The ricotta pizza was amazing
Athena Smith
05:20 02 Dec 19
Great pizza, cozy little place!
09:55 29 Nov 19
They have vegan options too.. so soo good. I loved the potato one… 😍
Subhashi Jayasekara
12:35 28 Nov 19
Pizza’s tasty.
Ian Bowen
23:59 26 Nov 19
Best Pizza and Pasta I had in years in Melbourne, fresh ingredients, generous with the topping but amazing quality of products they use ! Very friendly Staff , we can’t wait to come back !
Jenny Leyba
07:44 25 Nov 19
Excelent pizza, fresh and tasteful
Ricardo Santana
02:33 25 Nov 19
Fantastic pizza
Chris Murphy
08:15 18 Nov 19
Amazing food, best pizza I have had for a long time. Fast friendly service. Will be back.
Jodie van Breugel
21:28 16 Nov 19
Great pizza and pasta. Best gnocchi in town.
Monali Singhi
06:11 06 Nov 19
We read the Brilliant reviews and eventually found the 11 minute down a side street off Little Collins St. It’s a rapid service there hence the title so fortunately tables come available quickly. The salami pizza and prawn salad that we chose were amazing along with the lovely Cabinet offering. Great service from Londoner Ali which was a delight. Do not miss this fantastic pizzeria, fab value at a great price.
Jacob Burris
19:28 30 Oct 19
Best pizza ever had in Melbourne
12:27 28 Oct 19
We had an amazing experience at 11 Inch Pizza. Warmly welcomed, such a cute little space!I LOVED that there were vegan options available. In fact, we had 2 pizzas half n half so we got to try them ALL. I couldn’t even decide which was my fave. The potato pizza was divine, and I loved the pumpkin one too. We also got a beautiful and fresh side salad, which was the perfect addition.I would definitely recommend you try this pizzeria. It’s a great space for a small group or date, or a yummy take away pizza. There’s really something for everyone!
Jessica Sargeant
22:48 25 Oct 19
We had lunch today. The place is very nice, clean and very efficient service. The pizza was very tasty and big. Thanks for the great service.
Diogo Pinto Martins
07:12 25 Oct 19
Crazy good pizza, a must visit
Steve Mandekic
05:21 19 Oct 19
One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had and most certainly the best pizza I’ve ever had in Melbourne. The fillings are chosen wisely and combined in a very successful way. The crust is crispy and the base was perfectly baked.
Johs H
05:25 16 Oct 19
Exceptional pizza and service
David Millott
11:33 04 Oct 19
Hands down the best pizza in Melbourne CBD. Needs to be eaten straight out of the oven though to fully enjoy the deliciousness. Great tiny dining area for super chill dates or a catch up with a couple of friends.Do not share a pizza though because you’ll want to eat the whole thing.
Heather McKean
08:44 01 Oct 19
Oh man the pizza here was sooooooo yumm. Everything was amazing about my pizza, freshly made, good serving size and the price for it all was more than reasonable. Very cool unique vibe when you go in the evening, highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner. Will be eating here again soon
bill mcmahon
07:18 01 Oct 19
Kind of a regular place I have dinner in every time I visit Melbourne. Calzone and pizza are good. Small place but nice atmosphere and friendly servers. The portion is large for me, but you can ask a small box for your left over if you want.
Gunt ps
13:12 26 Sep 19
Friendly people, reasonable price, delicious food!
Gavin Ding
03:33 26 Sep 19
بادي الوقت
08:07 21 Sep 19
Very good pizza and very friendly stuff!
Martin K.O.
05:38 20 Sep 19
Fabulous pizza. Friendly fast service.
Andrea Liddiard
11:25 08 Sep 19
Best Garlic Focaccia in whole Melbourne
abhishek gupta
08:49 06 Sep 19
Just superb. Awesome pizza.
Ritesh Mistry
13:00 03 Sep 19
Pizze buone
Riccardo Pianalto
17:09 01 Sep 19
Great pizza, great service
Nick Barrett
11:24 31 Aug 19
Great thin and crispy pizza to share at lunch time but you might need to take it away coz there aren’t many seats.
Jason Walker
00:34 31 Aug 19
Its actually really nice pizza and the chicken is halal! Very high quality thankyou i went twice and will be back again
11:17 29 Aug 19
Lovely smiling service, delicious gluten friendly base, interesting toppings. Loved the rocket salad.
Alex Wilder
09:01 27 Aug 19
Wow! This is some of the best pizza I have ever had. The place is tiny but the service and pizza are huge. The ingredients are fresh and really tasty. I will definitely return!
Grant Irons
11:10 21 Aug 19
Visiting from Perth , pizza was amazing. Flavour awesome on crispy base. Service quick and friendly. You guys are awesome, highly recommend.
David Alexander
09:08 21 Aug 19
Amazing place
Bledi Koka
12:36 20 Aug 19
Excellent pizza, friendly service. Highly, highly recommended.
Ravendran Rasalingam
08:38 19 Aug 19
Really nice food and the value bought it from 4 to 5 stars!
Richard Berry
09:02 18 Aug 19
yummy pizza and great service
reema alqassem
10:51 09 Aug 19
The pizza was amazing and the service was the best. We liked it so much, we just ordered two pizzas .
Nicholas Williams
06:00 01 Aug 19
I ordered this and it tasted delicious. The guys working there are friendly and I wasn’t waiting a long time. It’s the margherita. 😀 Cheers!
Damien Keegan
07:14 31 Jul 19
Great pizzas, friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. Would definitely recommend to friends.
Jake Hall
10:49 21 Jul 19
Super tasty dinner and desert pizzas! One Pizza is fine for a hungry person and a dinner and desert pizza is perfect to share between two.
Harrison Rowntree
11:36 15 Jul 19
Awesome fresh 🍕 ~ recommended. 👍🏼
David Burke
04:28 13 Jul 19
hard to find if you are not use to Melbourne lane way foodary, but pizzas are awesome. the garlic focaccia super cheesy n tasty. service fast and friendly. would look for again next time im visiting Melbourne.
james ly
09:15 09 Jul 19
One of the best pizzas in Melbourne CBD. The crust is crispy and served with a refreshing ketchup that won’t be too much for a person to eat. Do it now, it will take about ten minutes to be released.
Max Davis
11:04 03 Jul 19
This place honestly had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. My family ordered the bbq chicken and ricotta and both were absolutely delicious.The pizzas came out fresh and steaming hot – perfect for the cold weather that we were experiencing. Being from the US, the pizza I’ve typically experienced is heavy and oily. However, these pizzas were well balanced I was able to taste each of the individual ingredients that was on top of the pizza, something that I don’t always experience from pizza chains that pile on their toppings. It also didn’t leave me feeling uncomfortably full despite having a big meal.The bbq chicken pizza had a lovely garlic aioli on top, lots of toppings, and just the right amount of sauce so that it didn’t end up too soggy.The ricotta had (thankfully) lots of ricotta and was also very fresh tasting. The addition of fresh mint was also really nice.The toppings on both pizzas were well distributed and the dough was not too thin or thick. There was also a nice amount of crust that was crispy. The size was also really good. I thought that the pizzas would be too small for a family of 4 to share (1 adult and 3 kids), but we all had more than enough and probably could have even brought some home.Service was nice and friendly and they had great music playing. The restaurant itself is a little small, but the location is perfect. If you’re a tourist staying in the CBD, check this place out. It’s within the free tram zone and close by the major malls.
Kourtney K
09:13 29 Jun 19
Good value for lunch and extremely tasty.
Michael Westcott
06:27 27 Jun 19
Best pizzas in town
Dipankar Bhatta
01:39 24 Jun 19
Best authentic pizza in Melbourne, hands down
Michael Milligan
05:48 18 Jun 19
one of the best pizzas I’ve tried in Melbourne. Situated within a small alley, its somewhat easy to miss it. Had the Zucca pizza, meat fest pizza, calzone and roquette salad. Tasted super good and amazing. Their salsa sauce was very nice as well. Would definitely come again.
Blythe Kollias
04:56 12 Jun 19
Potato pizza is great
Michael Horn
08:23 10 Jun 19
I love the pizza here and I’ve eaten pizza everywhere. Would I recommend it? Hands down without a doubt, the people that work here are always lovely, the pollo pizza always sends me to a happy place and I share this with you for these reasons. I was considering keeping this gem to myself but I’m all about sharing the love, so enjoy and you’re welcome.
gianna c
09:24 07 Jun 19
Delicious pizza in Melbourne CBD. Made fresh daily and the flavours go so well! Highly recommend their Patata pizza – you will fall in love with the flavours. I never liked blue cheese until I tried this!
Gwendolyn Tan
02:26 06 Jun 19
Nice place to relax, eat good, etc. Very nice staff, and an excellent value.
Christopher Zaro
09:14 27 May 19
Oh man the pizza here was sooooooo yumm. Everything was amazing about my pizza, freshly made, good serving size and the price for it all was more than reasonable. Very cool unique vibe when you go in the evening, highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner. Will be eating here again soon
Blake Cramer
08:39 27 May 19
Amazing little pizza place! Pizza was very tasty, and was had a spectacular range. Stumbled upon it when we walked out of our hotel, but was an awesome place to stumble upon
Aydan Erickson
09:55 26 May 19
Long time eater first time reviewer. Best pizza ever
Abdul Hayek
11:09 23 May 19
Fantastic little pizza place. Seating is quite limited, so we ordered via their website and picked it up. Pizzas are sooo yum, especially the super 11
Joel & Jessica Malcolm
09:32 23 May 19
Light, fluffy bases, hot tasty toppings and good prices. Loved it.
Lauren S
21:05 22 May 19
Late flight meant it was hard to find anything open on a Sunday night. Lucky I found this place. Great pizza and good beers to choose from. Saved me. I’ll be back.
Stephen Russell
13:19 19 May 19
All the reviews I read said this was the place to go…. it didn’t disappoint!!! Pizza was amazing 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 Totally recommend to go if you’re in Melbourne well worth it 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿
Shae Campbell
00:28 11 May 19
Great pizza. Fast, great toppings and tasty thin crust. Great music.
Corey V
10:28 30 Apr 19
Insanely good pizza, very good pricing, try it with the amazing hot sauce they provide in the table. Do yourself a favour, if you’re in the area, try the 🍕. If you’re not, travel.
Joel Mikkelsen
07:21 26 Apr 19
Their Bbq chook pizza is the best pizza I have ever tasted.
Brandon Quinn
11:22 21 Apr 19
This trendy hole-in-the-wall is my go-to place for Satuday pizza dinner when my parents (of Italian descent) are in town.Good quality pizza here with the sort of ingredients you’d expect to see at high end pizzerias, but more reasonably priced.
Josie Alvaro
08:05 20 Apr 19
Super 11 with bacon! 👌🥓🍍🍕😍
Jonathan Richard
09:34 17 Apr 19
That’s the real taste of Pizza!! Finally i found a good Calzone in Melbourne!! Friendly environment though.
Mohammad Mohammadi
09:53 13 Apr 19
An awesome little pizza joint in a great location in Melbourne CBD. The staff were friendly and hospitable, and the pizza hit the spot well.
Loki McCorquodale
06:54 04 Apr 19
Great pizza, don’t go there, you will spoil it for the rest of us! 😉
Chris Peck
03:36 02 Apr 19
I tried pizza type “salami” here. Especially cheese, olives and actual salami combination was delicious. I would totally suggest you to try that. 5/5.
Erhan Aslan
07:48 01 Apr 19
Will visit again coz I found their pizza so scrumptious.
Betty Linton
05:17 27 Mar 19
Totally worth it
Dario Ahdoot
11:04 16 Mar 19
Friendly staff, excellent pizza!
Joshua Patterson
05:17 13 Mar 19
Loved the pizza and the vegan cheese was super good! They also have hot sauce that blew my mind, so worth a go!
Evan Kurtz
03:12 06 Mar 19

Melbourne is a big city.
We want everyone to be happy.
Everyone to enjoy their time on earth.
To enjoy the moment.
Right here. Right now.