11 Inch Pizza - Front Counter

Behind the Scenes: An Exclusive Inside Tour of our Pizza Restaurant

Never been to 11 Inch Pizza? Oh, you’re missing out! Step right into our quirky laneway spot and join us for an electrifying behind-the-scenes adventure. See where the pizza magic happens and get ready to have your taste buds tantalized! Where the Magic Happens: Our Amazing Pizza Kitchen True pizza chefs require the perfect space

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Making pizza bases in our Melbourne restaurant

Spinning Dough: The Tradition and Function of the Pizza Toss

Imagine a performance where the stage is a kitchen, the spotlight shines on a circular canvas of dough, and the artist is a chef with a flair for the dramatic. Welcome to 11 Inch Pizza in Melbourne, where the age-old tradition of spinning pizza dough is not just a part of our pizza-making process, it’s

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four pizzas

The Future of Pizza is Green: Adopting Sustainable Practices

Wondering if pizza is a good choice when it comes to eating sustainably? If you’re concerned about the impact that your food is having on the environment, read on for our five top tips on making green choices when enjoying pizza. Why Is It Important to Eat Sustainably? Did you know that food production is

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Hawaiian Pizza

10 Fascinating Facts about our Favourite Food – Pizza!

Ah, pizza. The greatest food in the world has been a crowd-pleaser for literally centuries. You know that you love this delicious and versatile dish, but we bet there’s plenty of interesting facts you don’t know about pizza. Dive in and take a look at some fascinating and unexpected facts about your favourite food. 1.

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5 Mouthwatering Sides to Compliment Your Pizza

Looking for the best pizza sides? There’s only one way to improve the incredibly delicious meal that is pizza – and that’s with some amazing tasty side dishes! Luckily, there are plenty of great options of sides to serve with pizza. Here are some of our favourites. Focaccia If you’re enjoying pizza with friends and

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11inchpizza bikes

5 Delicious Reasons Why Pizza is the Best Takeaway Choice

Not in the mood to cook tonight, but also don’t want to leave your couch and favourite tv show? Sounds like the perfect time to order takeaway! And pizza is and always has been the best takeaway food option there is. Find out why. 1) It’s the ultimate crowd pleaser Seriously, have you ever met

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dessert pizza

Beyond the Savoury: Get a taste of our Sweet Dessert Pizza

Do you love dessert pizza? Or have you not explored sweet pizza yet? If you’re a pizza lover (and we know that you are), go beyond the traditional savoury options and get into the world of amazing dessert pizzas today! Why try a dessert pizza? Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in the

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11 Inch Pizza Delivery Locations


Minimum order for delivery is $35 in CBD (inc Free Delivery) and $40 outside of CBD (+$5 Delivery Fee). Click here to see our delivery zone mapFor small orders or customers outside of this delivery zone, please use the UberEats app.