5 Mouthwatering Sides to Compliment Your Pizza

Looking for the best pizza sides? There’s only one way to improve the incredibly delicious meal that is pizza – and that’s with some amazing tasty side dishes! Luckily, there are plenty of great options of sides to serve with pizza. Here are some of our favourites.


If you’re enjoying pizza with friends and looking for a tasty starter or a crowd-pleasing side dish to share, a focaccia is a great option. Similar to pizza but with less ingredients and a milder flavour profile, it perfect compliments whatever pizza toppings you have chosen without clashing or over-powering your amazing flavours.

A focaccia is like a delicious warm up to the main event which is your pizza, giving your tongue a taste of that chewy base without overwhelming you. Just like a pizza, it’s easy to break up and share with a group, so you can get one or two focaccias for the table.

Plus, at 11 Inch Pizza there are multiple options for yummy focaccia sides: choose from cheesy garlic with mozzarella, provolone, garlic oil and oregano; herb with oregano, rosemary and sea salt; and cheese with mozzarella, provolone, goats’ cheese and for di latte.


Calzones are a tasty snack, an easy lunch, and also a perfect side dish for pizza! Like focaccias, they are made of the same basic ingredients as pizza, so they complement your pizza meal perfectly. Calzone means ‘stocking’ or ‘trouser’ in Italian, and these pockets of goodness and stuffed of delicious fillings wrapped in pizza dough.

11 Inch Pizza offer three calzones which are the ideal extra snack on the side of a pizza: ham, cheese and mushroom, spinach, pumpkin and ricotta, and four cheese.


Want something fresh and light on the side of your pizza? A tangy salad is the perfect way to cut through the salt of a pizza and offer some leafy freshness in between bites.

Plus, adding a salad to your meal ensures you’re getting all the nutrients you need and will make you feel that little bit healthier.

Whether you want a simple side salad for a bit of added green, or a loaded up salad that packs a flavour punch, 11 Inch Pizza offer a salad choice for you! Check out our roquette salad if you want something fresh and fuss-free.

For something a bit different, try out cabbage salad with chicken and crispy pancetta, our tiger prawn salad with cherry tomatoes and pesto, or our tuna salad with capers, red onions and potato slices.


Technically antipasto means ‘before the meal’, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this traditional Italian starter at the same time as your pizza. Antipasto can be as fancy or as simple as you like – from a bowl of olives and some crusty bread and dipping oil, to an array of cured meats, cheese and deli treats.

Garlic Bread

A regular crowd-pleaser, garlic bread is a simple and delicious side dish for pizza. It’s buttery, garlicky goodness is delicious on its own and also provides the perfect complement to any type of pizza flavour.

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