Fresh Ingredients

Top Tips for Making Gourmet Pizza at Home

If you’re craving gourmet pizza, there’s no time like the present to make it yourself at home. Not only will the process help you to add new skills to your cooking repertoire, you’ll get a delicious meal out of it at the end. What’s more, the process will undoubtedly build up your appetite, meaning your

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Hot Chocolate pizza at 11 Inch Pizza

Out of the Box Gourmet Pizza Topping Ideas

When it comes to gourmet pizza toppings, everyone’s favourites include margherita pizza and pepperoni pizza. But one of the greatest things about pizza is that the topping options are practically endless. Whether you’re taking the minimalistic approach or the more-is-more approach, trying out new ingredients and flavour combinations might lead you to discovering new go-to

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Handmade Pizza on Board

What Makes a Gourmet Pizza?

Nowadays, you’ll see the term ‘gourmet’ slapped on just about anything. But what does that actually mean? And are all the things that claim to be ‘gourmet’, actually gourmet? The word automatically makes most people think that something is fancier or more upmarket. Generally, it’s a good thing and makes something sound more desirable. In

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Calzone 1, 2, 3 at 11 Inch Pizza

How to Make the Perfect Calzone

At 11 Inch Pizza, we have perfected the art of making the perfect calzone. As a member of the pizza family, calzones are often overlooked but can be just as delicious. We love making the best calzone in Melbourne, so here are some of our tips to pass on the joy. What is a Calzone?

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11 Inch Pizza Delivery Locations


Minimum order for delivery is $35 in CBD (inc Free Delivery) and $40 outside of CBD (+$5 Delivery Fee). Click here to see our delivery zone mapFor small orders or customers outside of this delivery zone, please use the UberEats app.