Making pizza bases in our Melbourne restaurant

How to Make Pizza Dough: The Ultimate Chef’s Guide

Wondering how to make pizza dough from scratch? The best pizza dough is fresh and hand-kneaded, and a good dough will take any homemade pizza to the next level. Pizza dough only requires four basic ingredients: flour, yeast, oil and water. Making dough is fun and creates a much tastier pizza than store-bought alternatives but

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Lots of pizzas

Our Top 10 Pizza Flavours

Is there anyone who doesn’t love pizza? This classic Italian specialty comes in so many different flavours, it’s impossible to pick a favourite! 11 Inch Pizza chefs hand knead the dough of every pizza and use fresh and delicious ingredients. Our menu includes heaps of options, from classic to gourmet pizzas, with choices for vegetarian,

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The Best Mushies to Put on a Mushroom Pizza

The Best Mushies to Put on a Mushroom Pizza

Mushrooms are possibly the most versatile vegetable to grace our plates. Sauté them alongside a big breakfast, toss them through a hearty ragu, or better yet – pop ‘em on a pizza. But with so much versatility comes the big question – what are the BEST mushies to put on a mushroom pizza? Well, strap

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11 Inch Pizza team making pizza

How to Make a Gluten Free Pizza Base

These gluten-free pizza base ideas are not only a life-saver for the gluten-intolerant among us, but also provide a lighter alternative to the standard pizza crust. Subbing out the traditional flour dough for plant-based alternatives is also a simple way to make your mid-week pizza treat a healthy one. Giving up the gluten doesn’t have

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pizza with tomato sauce

How To Make Your Own Pizza Sauce

Wondering how to make your own pizza sauce in just a few, simple steps whilst still achieving delicious and gourmet pizza results? We’ve got the recipe for you. This pizza sauce recipe is bursting with flavour thanks to a combination of spices that add zest to an already-appetising tomato base. When making homemade pizzas, people

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Two Pizzas

Alternative Pizza Base Ideas

Are you on the hunt for some alternative pizza base ideas to jazz up pizza night at your place? The team at 11 Inch Pizza has got you covered with our healthy range of ideas that will leave your family and guests salivating for more! Pizza bases don’t have to follow the typical recipes. They

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tomato free pizza

Tomato-Free Pizza Ideas

Put your apron on and change it up with these tomato-free pizza ideas to settle those isolation cravings! Not all cheesy pizzas need red sauce or tomato, so why not use your time in lockdown to experiment with a tomato-free pizza? These healthy options will leave you with a smile on your face and a

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Pizza dough recipes

Surprising Pizza Dough Recipes

Pizza dough recipes can be pretty simple, but what about dough that meets dietary needs and still tastes great? No matter what diet you’re on, anyone can make a healthy and delicious pizza in no time! As the foundation for the pizza, the dough can really make or break what you’re serving up. Without a

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Four Pizzas - 11 Inch Pizza

The Most Common Mistakes When Making Pizza

Want to know the most common mistakes when making pizza? Making pizza from scratch can be incredibly fun, especially when you get the whole family, including the kids, involved. And, for the most part it’s a relatively easy process; even though making pizza dough can be a bit time-consuming and messy. Nonetheless, making pizza from

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