Looking for Catering in Melbourne’s CBD?

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If you need catering in Melbourne CBD, you need an experienced and professional company that can provide excellent service and delicious food. Whether you’re looking for corporate catering for a conference or business event, or you’re hosting a party for a birthday or anniversary, your guests will always appreciate tasty food. Find out how to choose the right caterer for you.

How to Choose the Right Caterer for You

Ready to choose a caterer for your next event? There are a few main considerations to ensure you choose a cater that is the best choice for you.


These days, there aren’t many products or services that we commit to without checking the customer reviews first. It’s worth looking at what the caterer’s previous clients have had to say about their food, their service, and their value for money. You can easily find reviews on Google, or even on the caterer’s own website. If they have a good rating and a track record of providing delicious food, you can rest assured they will do a good job for your event as well.


When considering caterers, check how long they have been in business for. A newer player isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you do want to be working with a team that knows what they’re doing and have overcome some hurdles before. This will make them far better equipped to handle any curveballs that occur as part of your event.


Have an idea of what you are prepared to spend before you begin the process of looking for catering options. Professionally catering services can range from very expensive to more reasonable, but it’s not worth investing time working with people who are far outside your budget anyway. Ask upfront what you can expect to spend for your amount of people and see what kind of packages the caterer can provide.

Benefits of Catering

Why arrange a caterer for your next event in Melbourne? There are three key reasons why choosing a caterer is the best option when you’re hosting a party or corporate function.

Everything is Provided

Sure, it is possible to go for a DIY approach when it comes to organising food and drink for an event. But everything runs more smoothly when there is a single provider to work with. A caterer will handle the whole package, from providing the food and drinks, to delivering it to the event location.

Professional Quality Food

The biggest advantage of arranging professional catering for an event is that you will receive amazing, delicious food that your guests will love. We’ve all been to a conference or a party where the food was ho-hum at best and unpleasant at worse – and we know how it can really impact our perception of the event as a whole. Great food puts everyone in a more positive mindset and is a must have at any kind of function. A caterer will deliver tasty food that is sure to hit the spot for hungry guests.

Less Stress for You

When you work with a professional caterer, you can essentially ‘set and forget’ when it comes to food and drink. They will take care of everything – from food preparation to delivery – so you can get on with more important tasks in event management. That’s one less thing to worry about, making arranging an event far less stressful!

Tips for Choosing a Caterer

If you’re ready to choose a great catering option for your next event, discover our top tips for choosing a caterer in Melbourne.

Taste their Food

It should go without saying – always eat the caterers’ food before committing to them catering your event! After all, the main purpose of arranging the catering is to have yummy food that your event guests are going to enjoy. Some catering companies will arrange specialised tasting sessions when you can sample a menu and make choices about what kind of dishes you would like served at your event. Others will simply invite you to dine with them so you can get a sense of the quality of their food. If you’re not super impressed with the taste, you may want to consider a different catering choice.

Choose Someone Who Communicates Well

As in most professional settings, communication is key when it comes to working well with a caterer. You may have questions and issues in the lead up to the event, and a caterer who is slow to respond – or worse, doesn’t! – is not going to help with your stress levels. Ideally, your caterer should be on hand and available to discuss details and should be able to clearly articulate what they are going to deliver on the day, including all event logistics.

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