Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Curious as to whether pineapple belongs on pizza?

Pizza is the most incredible bonding food for all generations. It unites cultures from all around the world; from Italy to Australia to the United States. But, there is no debate with more pulp than whether pineapple deserves to be on the list of gourmet pizza ingredients.

We have been sharing our ideas about the perfect pizza dough and the perfect thick and hearty pizza sauce. Now, Pineapple-Gate has torn the pizza-loving world into two dividing corners. Right now, we would like to be the mediator of this battle and spell out the pros and cons of placing one of the most dangerous fruits in the world on your perfect pizza.

Pineapple on Pizza

Not What You Expected

For Australians, the Hawaiian Pizza is a Shakespearian dramaturge. All at once, it’s a comedy and a tragedy, with the main character cast as a complex juicy outsider (the pineapple, obviously!) who wanders into a toasty-hot-oven society looking for a home.

Enter a romance, with smoky Virginia ham, gooey melting mozzarella and tasty home-made tomato sauce. Out of nowhere, sweet pineapple pieces find their true calling. Just like Shakespeare, this fruit’s deliciousness is ahead of its time.

Once the outsider, pineapple is the plot-twist no-one expected. But, everyone walks away feeling like they got their monies’ worth.

The Rise of the Sweet and Salty Flavour

Maybe you’ve not been introduced to the whole new world of sweet and salty flavours (cue my bucket of salted caramel ice-cream, please). Frankly, colliding the heavenly flavours of sweet and salt is something the Baby-Boomers never caught onto. Nonetheless, when it comes to sweet, sticky and juicy pineapple paired with salty, crispy thick stripes of Virginia ham, doesn’t this just sound like heaven on earth?

Maybe now is the time to dive into the wonderful world of sweet and salty.

Fruit a Day

Perhaps the appearance of pineapple with its dangerous prickly outer skin may initially set impressions of danger. Yet, the benefits of this delicious fruit that is jam-packed with vitamin C, potassium and fibre, prove it is perfect for growing boys and girls.

Pineapple is loaded with nutrients, contains disease-fighting antioxidants, and the enzymes can ease digestion, or help reduce the risk of cancer. This juicy fruit could also boost your immune system and suppress inflammation. It may even relieve symptoms of arthritis and assist with a speedy recovery after surgery or strenuous exercise.

Whether you are young or old, everyone can enjoy this magical fruit, guilt-free!

Pineapple is Always There For You

Even though pineapple is available all year round, the best time to get stuck into this drippy, sweet fruit is between November and February. There is nothing that says its summer like the taste of fresh pineapple.

As you well know, pineapple is available in a can; it’s luscious and syrupy texture can be stored in the pantry, and used at your convenience. It is one ingredient that can (pun-intended) always be waiting for us for when our chef-bugs rise, and we want to dish up a fresh tomato pulp pizza, or even a mouth-watering homemade pizza that’s tomato-free.

And, if you purchase the pineapple in a can, you can sip the pineapple juice while you create your perfect pizza.

Don’t Let Borders Control Your Taste Buds

Not many have been lucky enough to travel overseas this year, but this should not let your tastes buds be in lockdown as well! If anything, the best (and cheapest) way to travel to Hawaii is via Flight Hawaii 11. It is a first-class experience, able to have the sand between your toes and return to the safe sanctions of your Australian borders in no time.

Just imagine, biting into a doughy slice as the gooey mozzarella is torn apart with your teeth. The salty Virginia ham Hangs-10, while gliding into the sunset, mouth-watering, tropical sweet pineapple juice splashing and playing about.

I’m there right now (Sigh).

It Won’t Let You Down

At the start, I said I would share with you the pros and cons of dabbling rich, juicy piece of pineapple on a pizza. If one is to remove pineapple from pizza, yes, there lies dreamy flavours waiting to be gobbled up. Nonetheless, the facts remain, pineapple on pizza is more than merely another topping.

It is a taste of the world, a flavour with a lot of positive health benefits. Enjoyed fresh all year round, or stored in the pantry, just waiting for its time to shine, to reveal its true calling.

Vive la Pineapple!

Hawaiian pizza at 11 Inch PizzaHungry? Me too.

With the debate finally over, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and order ourselves a tasty treat to celebrate. If like me, this experience has made you a little peckish, here are some more pizza recipe ideas to check out to avoid the most common pitfalls when making pizza at home.

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