How to Make Pizza Healthy

Let’s face it – pizza is a pretty indulgent food and most of the time it’s not that healthy. Which, when eaten in moderation, is completely okay. But if you love pizza too much to only have it occasionally, there are a few ways that you can make it healthier so you can eat it regularly guilt-free.

Here is how you can make all elements of a pizza at home that is healthy but no less tasty.

Healthy Pizza

The Base

Try Whole-Wheat Flour

While plain white flour is certainly delicious, it has usually been processed so much that all of its healthy vitamins and minerals have been stripped and often has preservatives added to it. Try switching the plain flour in your dough recipe with whole wheat flour which will add extra protein and fibre to your base as well as adding an extra depth of taste with a subtle nutty flavour. Whole wheat will also keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Other Whole-Wheat Products

There are no rules when it comes to making your own healthy pizzas at home. Why not try making your pizza with whole-wheat tortillas, pita bread, English muffins or even just whole-wheat sandwich bread? The possibilities are endless, and your gut will thank you for all the extra protein and fibre you’re feeding it.

Cauliflower Base

If you’re trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake or are trying to cut carbs completely from your diet – such as if you’re on a Keto diet – then a cauliflower base could be the perfect alternative for you. It may not have the same exact flavour as a flour-based dough but is delicious in its own right. It’s also perfect for people who are gluten-free or coeliac. To make a cauliflower base, just whiz some cauliflower in a food processor, steam it for a bit and then mix it with some mozzarella, an egg and a bit of garlic.

The Sauce

Make Your Own Tomato Sauce

While they may be convenient, store-bought tomato-based pizza sauces are packed with sugar. Instead, try making your own pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Not only will it be even more delicious than store-bought sauces, it will be far healthier for you and you know exactly what ingredients have gone into it.

Who Needs Sauce?

Instead of using a tomato sauce, why not just go straight to the source and use freshly sliced tomatoes. This minimalistic approach means that you won’t have to worry about your sauce overpowering the other flavours on the pizza.

White Coconut Sauce

If you prefer a white sauce on your pizza, make your own white garlic sauce with coconut milk instead of regular cream. This simple recipe simply requires garlic, coconut milk and a pinch of salt. This sauce is especially perfect if you’re topping your pizza with prawns – the flavour combination of prawns and coconut is a match made in heaven.

The Toppings

Lean Cuts

If you’re putting meat on your pizza, try to choose leaner options over fattier cuts. For example, if you like to put sausage on your pizza, choose chicken over pork. Or if you like to put beef mince on your pizza, choose the extra lean option from the supermarket. Grilled chicken is also a super healthy way of adding a bit of protein to your pizza.


Try making a Mexican-style pizza with black beans and avocado for toppings. Not only do beans add fibre and protein, they’re also packed with flavour and are perfect for vegetarians.


You don’t just have to have eggs for breakfast – try putting them on your pizza. Better yet, try putting eggs on your pizza and having it for breakfast. Whether you fry, scramble or poach them, eggs on a pizza are always delicious.

Veggies Galore

Obviously, one of the easiest ways to make your pizza healthy is to load it with vegetables. There is no limit to the kinds of vegetables you top your pizza with, but some of our favourites include: capsicum, kale, red onion, spinach, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet potato, eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers and mushrooms. Try roasting some veggies before putting them on your pizza to pack an extra flavour punch.

The Cheese


Goat’s cheese not only has a delicious tangy flavour, but also has a lot less fat and more protein than other cheeses.

Cottage Cheese

While it may not usually be found on pizza, cottage cheese is a healthy, low-fat way of being able to have cheese on your pizza without feeling guilty.


While not typically classified as ‘healthy’ gorgonzola, and other blue cheeses, have a very intense flavour, meaning you only need to use a little bit to add the creamy texture and taste of cheese to your pizza.

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