What is a Calzone?

Have you ever eaten a calzone? If you love pizza, you are guaranteed to enjoy this popular Italian food. Calzones are a delicious way to enjoy everything you love about pizza – the yummy base, delicious toppings and full-on flavour – in a hand-held portable snack.

Calzone 2 - Mozzarella / Fresh Ricotta / Spinach / Roasted Pumpkin

What is a Calzone?

‘Calzone’ comes from the Italian word for ‘stocking’ or ‘trouser’. They are made from pizza dough folded in half and stuffed full of delicious fillings. The calzone originated in Naples, Italy, and has since spread around the world. Calzones are perfect for a quick lunch, a snack on the go, or even as a side with your favourite pizza!

How Do I Make a Calzone?

Calzones are quite simple to make and if you have mastered your at home pizza creations, you can easily transition into being an expert calzone chef too.

The first step is to begin with delicious pizza dough. Making your own pizza dough at home is a fun way to experiment in the kitchen. The trick is to knead the pizza dough until it is completely smooth and holds it shape without sagging. When you have a good dough, you’re ready to begin forming your calzone.

The first step is similar to making a pizza. Roll your dough into a circle and flatten it out into a base. Once you have a flat and round disk, you can top with your chosen ingredients.

Leave some space around the outside edge so that you can seal your calzone closed. Also make sure not to put on so much that you can’t close it – although a calzone is supposed to be stuffed, it does need to be all together!

Finally, gently fold the dough in half. Be careful not to trap any air inside. You can seal your calzone closed by putting a little water on the dough and pinching the sides together. Tapping the sides gently with a wooden spoon or similar can help to get a tight close.

Before putting your calzone in the oven, pierce the top a few times with a knife. This allows excess steam to escape so your calzone holds it shape.

Bake your calzone in the oven until golden. There is no need to flip it, but you can rotate it so all sides are evenly baked. Take it out of the oven and voilà – a delicious calzone stuffed with yummy fillings!

Best Calzone Flavours

In Italy, calzones are a light lunch or snack food. The best calzones use simple and fresh ingredients. Unlike pizzas, which can be topped with all sorts of yummy produce, calzones are greatest when filled with carefully selected elements.

The secret to creating the perfect calzone is to use high-quality ingredients that work well together. 11 Inch Pizza offer three delicious calzones on our menu to cater for everyone’s taste.

Our ham and mushroom calzone begins with a generous dollop of our house-made tomato pulp. Next, it is topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, Virginia ham and fior di latte. Basil completes the amazing flavours.

Our pumpkin and ricotta calzone features ingredients that were made to be together. Mozzarella is paired with fresh ricotta, roasted pumpkin and spinach for a delicious vegetarian option.

Our four-cheese calzone is one for the cheese lovers! The melted combination of mozzarella, goat’s cheese, fior di latte and gorgonzola oozes out with every bite of the calzone. It’s an amazing taste explosion.

Calzones for Dietary Requirements

If you have dietary requirements, don’t worry – there is a calzone for you! It’s easy to alter calzone fillings to cater for any allergies and preferences.

Vegetarian calzones, like our delicious pumpkin and ricotta or four cheese options, are so yummy that even meat-lovers often choose these delectable snacks!

If you’re a vegan, you can swap out the cheese on any calzone for a vegan cheese option. Lactose intolerant pizza-lovers can also enjoy a calzone stuffed with lactose-free cheese so they can still experience that yummy ooze.

And if you can’t eat the gluten in the dough of the calzone, they can even be made using gluten free dough! Use the same recipe as you would for a gluten free pizza base and your calzone will be gluten-free and just as tasty! (note: finished pizza contains minimal amounts of gluten)

The Best Calzone in Melbourne

If you’re looking for a delicious calzone, look no further than 11 Inch Pizza. Our calzone menu is sure to please everyone, and they’re all served with a tasty roquette salad on the side. It’s the perfect accompaniment to one (or more!) of our famous pizzas, or a great light lunch on its own. For only $16.50 per calzone, it’s an amazing, cheap meal that hits the spot!

Come in and visit us in our Little Collins Street restaurant or order takeaway online to taste the best calzone in Melbourne for yourself.

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