Ingredients You Shouldn’t Skimp on When Making Pizza

Ingredients You Shouldn’t Skimp on When Making Pizza

When you’re making pizza, there are some ingredients that you can hold back on, but there are others that you absolutely can’t skimp on if you want your pizza to be as delicious as possible. And by not skimping, we don’t just mean being frugal with the amount of ingredients you use, but also about

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How to make the perfect pizza

How to Make the Perfect Pizza: Tips and Tricks

Want to know how to make the perfect pizza? At 11 Inch Pizza, we have the process of making pizza down to a fine art. We have years of experience and practice to draw upon but if you’re attempting to make pizza from scratch for the first time, the task can seem a bit intimidating.

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Capricossa pizza at 11 Inch Pizza

The History of Italian Pizza

Have you ever thought about the history of Italian pizza? Most people have a vague idea that pizza originated from Italy but know very little beyond that. But where exactly did pizza come from, how long has it been around, and how much has it changed over history? Pizza actually has a long and interesting

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Close-up image of various 11 Inch Pizza's

Everything You Need to Make At-Home Gourmet Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s universally loved and perfect for practically any occasion. But as great as it is to have a lazy night in and order pizza to your door, making pizza can be an incredibly fun activity to get the whole family involved in. Not only is the whole process enjoyable, one of

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Pizza Ingredients - Mushroom, Onion, Capsicum, Basil, Tomato, Chilli, Olives

The Ultimate Guide to Traditional Italian Gourmet Pizza Toppings

Want to know the secret to gourmet pizza toppings? You’re in the right place. No one does pizza like the Italians. They invented it and have certainly perfected it. And just as they have perfected the basic pizza elements like dough, tomato sauce and cheese, they have also perfected many different toppings. Many different regions

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Garlic Focaccia at 11 Inch Pizza

What is a Focaccia?

Focaccia is basically a yeasted flat bread. This is why it is also known as Italian flat bread. The dough of a focaccia is flavoured with olive oil and can sometimes be topped with herbs, vegetables and other toppings. Just like pizza dough, focaccia dough is made with flour, oil, water, yeast and salt. However,

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Can vegans still enjoy pizza?

Can Vegans Still Enjoy Pizza?

Can vegans still enjoy pizza? Of course they can! Everyone knows that one of pizza’s primary ingredients is cheese. So, if vegans can’t eat cheese, that means they can’t eat pizza, right? Actually, wrong. You may not know this, but as veganism grows in popularity, so too do vegan-friendly options and alternatives for meat and

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